Street Cabinet

Street Cabinet

Street Cabinet is a must-have group central monitor and control solution to safeguard the investment, availability, and feasibility of your street cabinet either it is telecom cabinet or power cabinet, lack of feasibility, huge number of units spreading around required a big operation fleet for monitoring, control, and maintenance these critical elements

AIO’s Street cabinet solution consists of central management system CMS, integrated with AIO’s smart controller, and sensors provides powerful, and advanced solution solving all challenges of street cabinet management and operation process, decrease dramatically damage risks, operation and maintenance costs, and network downtime.

The system monitor and control the street cabinet 24/7 with real-time notifications, alerts, and reports of all monitored elements of the cabinet. Controlling the access to the cabinet, and visual day/night inspection, temperature, fans/Air condition, backup battery system, power consumption and availability.

In addition, AIO Systems provides powerful management toll for, maintenance processes, tickets, technicians tasks assignments, and finance reports with historical performances, actual status, and expected expenses.

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AIO’S 4 Layers Solutions


Security, Enviromment, Power, Fuel, Asset and FiberSense monitoring MIX & MATCH.

IOT Agnostic Controller

AIO’s IoT Connect controller is designed to enhance your network management strategy, reduce operational costs, and opimize the efficiency of your operations.

Central Management System

AIO Systems’ CMS is a cloud-based central management platform that covers all aspects of remote and monitoring management.


BI Services has advanced data presentations that include robust data analysis with pre-emptive action tools and customized auto-reporting systems to all levels

AIO Added Values

  • Integrated assets information
  • Unified mobile application
  • Redundant communication
  • Data validation
  • Supports autonomous saver logic for power cabinet
  • Integrated security camera and alerts
  • Fast 
  • Remote monitoring and control

Street Cabinet connection

schema image

CMS Cabinet View

  • View all monitored items in the Cabinet
  • Actual temperature and humidity
  • Actual Power consumption
  • Actual DC system status
    • Voltage
    • Cycles
    • Reserved life cycles
  • Actual door status (open/close)
  • Actual Fans status
  • Actual smoke detector status
  • Actual Manhole status (open/close)
  • Actual water flood status (Cabinet & manhole)
  • Day/night visual detection (photo snapshoot)
  • Actual optical fiber status
street cabinet view image


  • Visual detection
  • DC Power status
  • Overheat
  • Smoke detection
  • Fan failures
  • Fiber cut, and fiber week signal
  • Water flood cabinet and closest manhole
  • Manhole Open / Close indication
  • Door Open / Close indication

CMS GIS Street Cabinet location

  • Reporting of all cabinet
  • Reporting per cabinet’s type
  • Reporting cabinets per region
  • Reporting cabinet status
  • Active
  • Faulty
  • Disconnected
  • Reporting cabinet open indication
  • Reporting cabinet access by technicians
  • Reporting maintenance process
  • Reporting of asset’s status
  • Reporting of Power consumption
  • Maintenance:
    • Battery replacement
schema image
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