AIO's Pandemic / Security Services

AIO's Pandemic / Security Services

AIO’s cloud-based AIoT remote monitoring System is now supporting advanced IoT services as added value solution to MNOs, towers and service providers. As 5G is now the main focus and future new revenue strim, AIO enables users to leverage the existing platforms and add new services based on the 5G deployments. The new application can be added and supported by allowing the 5G unique advantages like; Managed latency/edge, Network slicing, machine-to-machine communication, and precise positioning.

Leverage IOT Capabilities with the much-advance application

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Solution Features

Solution Features

CMS – AVS View

cms Features

Basic Security Setup

basic Features

Out of business - Intruder Detection

intruder Features

Business hours - Typical scenarios

typical Features

CMS – Security solution

Event correlation

  • Immediate shop intruder detection
  • Minimal fault indications
  • Utilized Low bandwidth – snapshots (optional video)
  • Integrated Escalation process with Ticketing system
  • Real time picture & Alert correlation
  • GIS map for all events and site alerts
  • User status, location & travel map tracking

Image Analysis

  • AIO’s Security Management solution includes object detection from multiple cameras.
  • The technology recognizes intruder as well as moving objects. (additional analytics cam be added )
  • Smart analysis reduces false alarms and highlights security risks in real time, while constantly learning patterns of actual security events.
  • Analytics can be done based on server GPU

CMS – Security Portal

AIO’s Security Management Portal provides visualization of the remote site’s security status. It includes GIS layers, such as sites & security team's location. It maps areas prone to intrusion and provides an end-to-end alert management tool.

Video Analytics

AIO’s Security Management solution utilizes preinstalled AIO RMS resources to collect event data and correlate it, in order to identify intrusions or damage. Event correlation reduces response time by identifying actual security events. Different site location can have different polices

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