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All-in-One IoT Solutions

We’re a world-leader in holistic end-to-end Remote Site Management solutions via IOT platform, operating worldwide with over 95,000 successful sites installations.

With AIO’s CMS you can automate business operations, utilize energy wisely, manage assets health, and remotely secure and control your network environment.

AIO is committed to make your business smart and efficient by significantly improving operational performance, extending asset life and generate more revenues.

Visibility Continuous data collection Remote Management & Remote Analytic
Unify All assets, all vendors, all applications, transformed to one unified UI, DB
Flexibility Integrability & Expandability Agnostic solution
Reliability High data accuracy sustainability
High Availability Zero Data lose Fault tolerance 3 Redundancy channels
E2E Solution In House Hardware & Software capabilities
Finance Convert all data to finance P&L, OPEX, ROI, IRR
A to Z Remote site total needs in one single unit, Energy management Network management, Security management
Experience 15 years experience in solutions for a complex and challenging work environment. Understanding customers needs
Meaningful Data Data consolidation capabilities, quantifying multiple information dimensions while presenting gap between planned to actual performance ( Trends, KPI, Predictions, AI, BI )

AIO IoT Solutions

  • Remote Management
  • Total Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • FiberSense Solution
  • GPS Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Micro Grid Management
  • Street Cabinet
  • 5G Security Services
  • Central Management System
Remote Management

Unified, optimized, end-to-end cloud-based IOT solution designed to reduce cost, Improving response time, offer essential added values and to provide the highest level anti-cyber security.

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Total Security

Three-layer security model (physical, data, intelligence) provides all required protection measures and ensures your site’s total security, reducing vandalism and theft instances to an absolute minimum.
Physical, Digital and Cyber

  • Remote sites security & Access
  • Theft prevention
  • Realtime security detection
  • Auto acknowledge, auto ticketing
    and alarms
  • Embedded analytics layer
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Energy Efficiency

Efficiency hybrid solution is an all-inclusive, green, non-polluting, cost efficient, power solution optimizing site power management on all its aspects: operation, maintenance and cost.

  • Fail-safe
  • Green, Non-Polluting
  • Ensuring Energy savings
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Real time Performance indicators
  • ROI verification
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FiberSense Solution

Real time consistent monitoring and mapping of the last mile Dark Fiber Optic – an essential factor in ensuring high quality service.

  • Fiber cuts alert
  • Attenuation drop alert
  • Graphic display of fault location
  • Significant shortening of fault and
    repair time
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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking solution provides capability to track the location of any equipment anywhere on the globe in real time.

  • Track all equipment and personnel
  • Global, real-time
  • Accurate inventory
  • Alerts on leaving premise
  • Real time Routes and locations
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Asset Management

Enhance asset management solution integrated into the remote management system, supporting active and passive assets management methods, provides online updated status reports per site, region, country and for all network.

  • Asset tracking
  • Managing contract
  • Asset health/condition monitoring
  • SLA management
  • Real-time alerting
  • Predictive maintenance
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Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) tool is cyclic process for designing, executing, monitoring and optimizing business processes. AIO provides a systematic approach to managing and optimizing a company’s business. processes.

  • Workflow Management
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Project Management
  • Smart Forms Generator
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Micro Grid Management

A to Z solution for energy sources – energy status – energy supply –  recharge vehicles.

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Street Cabinet

Centrally monitor and control solution to safeguard the investment, availability, and feasibility of your street cabinet

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5G Security Services

leverage the existing platforms and add new services based on the 5G deployments.

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Central Management System

AIO Systems’ CMS is a cloud-based central management platform covers all aspects of remote unmanned site management

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Your Benefits

100% Reliable Remote Management Quality data and Stable infrastructure for Real time visibility assets and usage.
Improving KPI Performance By providing full system transparency and online monitoring based on BPM – business Process Modules & Data validation
Maximize Business Productivity Moving from response to prevention helps increase asset utilization
Excellence Operational Performance Reducing the cost of repair, emergency maintenance, and operations
Extended Asset Life Optimizing usage of assets and equipment, Intelligent analytics helps detecting flawed patterns in the asset.
Proven OPEX Saving Tracking assets, OPEX costs, subcontractors etc.
Generate More Revenues Adding new technologies and take ownership on existing infrastructure.
Analyze any Time, Any Place infrastructure support self-customize and multi platforms environment.

IOT Platform

IoT market growth is predicted to continue to grow apace in 2020 and beyond. International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or “things,” generating 79.4 zettabytes of data in 2025.

Join the global leaders with technology of the future: AIO Systems IoT Platform designed for smooth business operation. Reduce downtime, increase revenue, and improve workflows by deploying applications specifically tailored to the business activities of the Tower’cos industry. This Internet of Things Platform is the answer to your maintenance and operational challenges.


AIO platform supports 5G used across three main types of connected services, including enhanced mobile broadband, mission-critical communications, and the massive IoT end equipment connection.

Enhanced mobile broadband

By supporting 5G mobile technology AIO controllers and gateways enable immersive experiences high availability & data capacity with faster, more uniform data rates, lower latency, and lower cost-per-bit. By doing so, AIO users can add advanced security, video analytics and other applications with the best efficient data stream connection.

Mission-critical communications

AIO enable new services that can transform industries with ultra-reliable secured communication, low-latency links for remote control of critical infrastructure, vehicles, and machinery.

Massive IoT

AIO also supports seamlessly connect a massive number of embedded sensors in virtually everything through the ability to scale down in data rates, power, and mobility, providing lean and low-cost connectivity solutions. With unified management system analyzing BIG data. Virtual site controllers will be implemented in the future for applying advance logics on several IoT devices located on the same site. Using such virtual controllers will allow better reliability, less handwear and fast installation.

Central Management System

AIO’s cloud based IoT remote monitoring Central Management System (CMS) can increase equipment reliability, provide energy efficiencies that translate into clear OPEX savings, streamline maintenance operations and costs, improve inventory accuracy and most importantly, optimize facility and asset performance.

CMS - Mobile Platform

It’s all about being responsive and updated. With AIO mobile app you can connect any time, any place, access in real-time to all system responsive modules which adapted for field transactions also dedicated activities such scan, notification and navigation.

AIO On Demand Services

Based on 15 years’ experience and 95,000 successful installations, AIO provides full range consulting services include planning, design and on-site support and deployments.

Highly skilled & certified technicians
Field/call support
Extended Warranty
Equipment replacement
Preventive maintenance
Consulting services
Upgrades, migrations
Custom development support

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