GPS Tracking

Take full traceability control of your essential assets

Track your assets location in real-time GIS Map

AIO’s GPS tracking solution provides a unified solution to track all equipment and personnel. Integrated with AIO CMS, translates to a single point All-in-One, Asset tracking, Mobile app personal network management system.

Main features:

Wire-cut alarm
Vibration alarm
Overspeed alarm
SIM communication
Rechargeable via USB
Low battery alarm
Deep Sleeping Mode
Real-time information visible on CMS map and the GPS report
Plug and play installation
Location and movement alert

Typical Application Drawing

Batteries Tracking Solution

AIO’s accurate and reliable GPS tracking solution for batteries and assets provides the capability to track the location of any equipment anywhere on the globe in real-time. The information is uploaded to the cloud-based CMS enabling real-time representation and movement history archives.

Real-time Gis information visible 
in CMS

AIO GPS supports real time visible location info. This information can be used for dispatching a local security force or tracking the battery location on map. The same can be used with correlation to AIO mobile application where HIS mobile app users can be tracked on the same map. This provides fast allocation and dispatch option of the closest response team to any suspected theft scenario.

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