Central Management System

Reliabile, Flexibile And More Visibile, Real Time IOT

Transforming Data Into Measurable Business Growth

AIO’s cloud and local based IOT remote monitoring Central Management System (CMS) can increase equipment reliability, provide energy efficiencies that translate into clear OPEX savings, streamline maintenance operations and costs, improve inventory accuracy and most importantly, optimize facility and asset performance. CMS modules are tailor made for business operations across verticals The answer to challenges and effective management.

  • Maximize Business Productivity

    Instant assets and full transparency integrated dashboards & reports with financial information

  • Extended Asset Life

    Monitor assets maintenance quality, get the most out of your assets

  • Analyze any time, any place

    Configurable reports and calculation, estimations and recommendation with exporting reports options

  • Big Data, Smart Reports

    Unified database with BI capabilities, including northbound multi-systems integrations

Main Benefits

  • Server local or cloud-based platform that safeguards and optimizes the management of remote unmanned sites
  • Holistic Solution Suitable for both Turnkey & Custom Applications.
  • Cost-Effective Management of Multi-Tenant Telecom Sites.
  • Assurance Management and Data Validation for Optimal System Performance.
  • SLA Enforcement Tools.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency Tools.
  • Proactive and Preventative Maintenance.
  • Graphical Site Floor Plan, Actively Managed in Real-Time.
  • Full System Compatibility. Simple Deployment with Interactive Easy-To-Use GUI.
  • Comprehensive Real-Time P&L, Auto Reporting, and Financial Assessments for ROI

AIO CMS Uniqueness

  • 1
    24/7 availability web-based for both Desktop and mobile
  • 2
    The modular design of 3D and textual Data monitoring
  • 3
    User friendly Alarm monitoring
  • 4
    Popup help guides
  • 5
    User permissions by profile
  • 6
    Multi screens display
  • 7
    Business Process module
  • 8
    Project management tool
  • 9
    Site history payer
  • 10
    Unified view for separate site controllers (agnostic)
  • 11
    Automated report generation
  • 12
    Refuel Module – real-time monitoring and validation
  • 13
    Asset Module – real-time Inventory management and movement tracking
  • 14
    Security portal – one shot all CCTV's, smart alarms and notification view.

Alert & Ticketing

  • Alert history tracking
  • Alerts replaying tool
  • Multi alerts filtering – severity, location, sites …
  • Alert on a GIS map
  • Alerts statistics – MTTR
  • Immediate ticket allocation from alerts (auto and manual)
  • Logical alerts configuration with dependencies


  • Logical database partitioning for multi tenant support
  • Financial assessments with detailed profit and loss (P&L) analysis
  • Energy resource optimization, asset management and more.
  • Data configuration according to customer’s specifications, including service level agreements (SLA)

GIS Location

  • Intelligent map views
  • Site quick, GIS, street views
  • User status, location & travel map tracking

CMS Manager of Mangers (MOM) Solution

Unified all your management platform

Significant Benefits

  • 1
    Cost reduce due to one management system verses many stand-alone management systems
  • 2
    Quick and easy training of operators – only one interface to manage and control the whole network
  • 3
    Management derives greater value from data due to merging and cross analysis of data sources

Two Phases Implementation

  • 1
    Phase 1: Integration of all RMS vendors into the CMS creating a unified management system for all sites in the network
  • 2
    Phase 2: Integration of all other data sources that the company may have


AIO business intelligence provides a friendly and easy drag & drop user defined
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Analytics & Predictions
  • Business performance management
  • Benchmarking & nominals tracking

CMS Mobile Application

It Is all about being tasponsive and updated. With AI0 mobile app you can connect any time, any place, access in reall-time to all system responsive modules which adapted to field transactionsalso dedicated activities such as scan, notification and navigation.

Main Features

  • AC mains profile report
  • Fuel consumption and genset report
  • Cooling system performance report
  • PUE report
  • DC performance report
  • RMS offline status report
  • Signal status report
  • Site access count

CMS Reports

Main Benefits

  • Secured WEB based HTML platform
  • Cloud and local installation support
  • Full API support for fast integrations
  • Multi-protocol supports
  • Remote upgrade support
  • Digital signatures of each action
  • One-click data format converting
  • Multi-user access level support
  • User Define reports
  • Customized dashboards Per user
  • Built-in Towercos dedicated default report
  • Integrated prediction tools
  • Financial tools – ROI, Saving & P&L
  • Fault management & maintenance

Selected Reports

  • Saving reports
  • Collective Energy Data
  • Energy production vs energy consumption
  • The interrelation of Energy production, consumption, fuel management and Energy Surplus in a single report
  • DC Power Availability vs AC Power Availability
  • Real-time fuel: fuel consumption, Refuel has done and suspected Theft
  • Communication: data availability and network availability
  • Active and history Alarms and ticketing

Anti-Cyber Security

  • 1
    AIO’s Security based on ISO 27001 standard. Contain scope of the ISMS, risk assessment, identified risks, control objectives and controls to be implemented and statement of applicability.
  • 2
    Multi-Factor Authentication - MFA requires one or more additional verification factors, which decreases the likelihood of a successful cyber attack.
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