Asset Management

Proactive, Automated And More Intelligent, Real Time Iot Solution For Connected Assets.

Maximizes the potential of your site's assets

AIO System provides enhance assets management solution integrated into the remote management system, supporting active and passive assets management methods, provides online updated status reports per site, region, country and for all network, automatic control of movement, the system notifies and alerts on unauthorized movement of the asset (like theft), controlling the end-to-end maintenance and repair processes with full visibility.
AIO’s assets management solution provides full feasibility and cuts your costs.

  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Asset Health/ Condition Monitoring
  • Asset Workflow Automation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • SLA Management
  • Real-time Alerting
  • Advanced Reporting

AIO’s Remote Asset Management helps you to produce the full potential of IoT and provides real-time insights on asset performance parameters, asset/floor/site wise energy consumption & comparison metrics, monitoring the environmental conditions of the site like temperature & humidity, monitoring the utilization at an individual asset level, enable predictive maintenance for the assets/sites.

With CMS Mobile Application you can track, manage and monitor assets on your smartphone, anytime any place.

  • Passive Asset

    Barcodes on equipment

    Mobile application supports scanning of barcodes to
    automatically connect to asset information on CMS

  • Active Asset

    RFID unit integrated with AIO’s controller installed on site. All assets are tagged and send ‘keep-alive’ notifications to CMS.

    A Reader (Per Site) is designed to track, manage and position assets on site, and across the network, and to detect theft or equipment disappearance

AIO’s Asset Management Approach

AIO’s Asset Management solution covers all aspects of site assets from inventory management to cost – effective of a purchase contract. Asset module provides a complete view of your network assets and provides all information to each asset record and history helps you handle optimize network planning & operation.

Main Asset Management Capabilities

Main Asset Management Capabilities
  • Serial numbers, configuration, service information Track dates, Costs tracking & lifetime span monitoring
  • Management of available inventory (warehouse entering ) for site execution
  • Assets Spare Part Management tracking Barcodes stickers for each equipment managed by AIO CMS
  • Mobile application supports barcodes scanning - connect to asset information to CMS assets management database
  • Fast integration capabilities with any existing asset management system
  • Supports active RFID tagging integrated with CMS assets management database
  • Define and automatically trigger: Regular maintenance for any equipment on site with fully specified procedures and alert mechanisms.
  • Manage Maintenance Schedules And Procedures: The maintenance module includes a full description of maintenance procedures (historical and upcoming) with associated costs, equipment location along with GIS coordinates (Lat/Lon), laboratory reports, special remarks, etc. Unpredictable costs can be updated on the spot.
  • Maintenance Dashboard: CMS dashboard’s flexibility allows users to configure the display of data of interest. Real time data provides complete up-to-the-minute asset information and maintenance status.
  • Automatic Reports: Comprehensive system with data exports to Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML and more. Reports are filtered and cross-sectioned by any parameter in the system, and can be run on any level in the navigation hierarchy.

AIO’s Tracking Approach

  • CMS + Mobile Application: AIO CMS provides full capability to store, analyze, and manage all asset data gathered from the sites. With CMS Mobile App you can track, manage and monitor technician activity, location and performance.
  • Passive Asset: Mark any asset with QR Code and gain a complete picture of all product inventories, including spitted inventory in different tenants. Inventory printed reports can be generated as well.
  • Active Asset: RFID unit integrated with AIO’s controller installed onsite. All assets are tagged and send ‘keepalive’ notifications to CMS. A Reader (Per Site) is designed to track, manage and position assets on site, and across the network, and to detect theft or equipment disappearance.
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