Business Process Management

Move from BPM to CMS+BPM Dedicated processes for MNO’s & TowerCo’s

Combining the CMS and BPM approach makes it possible to manage and control but also, analyze and measure the processes in a business context, thereby achieving Process Intelligence.

Automate End-to-End Workflows are critical ability to manage processes in a methodical and controlled manner over the complete business process. BPM system is usually a complementary product to Remote Site Management Systems, such system require high costs, integration and resources. We took the critical and relevant processes dedicated for the Tower’cos / Telecom from the BPM system and implemented them in our RMS system. 
We can do any BPM across platform ( Mobile, forms, screen, report, API )

BPM Types:

  • Automation - each step will start automatically after the other
  • Fully automatic from monitor, escalation, report
  • Manual before step

Main Capabilities:

  • Workflow management Users can design, test, and execute complex workflows to manage the interactions between employees, systems, and data.
  • Business rules engine Users can create complex sets of business rules and conditions as part of process design and execution.
  • Form generator Users can build web-forms without programming or coding skills.
  • Analytics Users can define metrics and kpis, and run standard and custom reports.

AIO Smart Forms

Creating a smart forms across all system processes.

Smart Forms Systems combined, controlled and integrated through all business process to one centralized dashboard.

Using smart forms enable you to collect more data, update the system process and perform accurate tracking and escalation.

BPM Project Management Tool

Track & manage your working force & resources
  • Build your own business processes and progress
  • Build your own project tasks procedures and escalation.
  • Build your own sub-projects, for each you can define task list with dependsy on each other progress.
  • Use Smart Forms to collect data and status for each Task.
  • Use smart Gantt display to control all task, progresses and performance.
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