Total Security

Ensure Your Remote Sites are Secure

Troubled by frequent vandalism and theft? AIO's Total Security Solution adapted for MNO’s & TowerCo’s will make a difference

AIO’s Security Solution provides 3 layers security solution for telecom & towercos sites. AIO’s solution is based on advanced total solution from layer 1 of physical access, to layer 2 & 3 with Video analytics and synchronized site alerts ticketing and GIS fast location indication.

AIO’s Security Approach

AIO solution involving AIOT advance hardware, proprietary algorithms & software implemented in both.
Site level controllers and sensor and Central management system CMS.

Active Security Elements

    Video Analytics
    Siren / Flash
    Full Access Control
    GIS - Location
    Motion Detection
    Real Time Call to Security Teams

Main Features:

AIO solution involving AIOT advance Hardware, Proprietary algorithms & software implemented in both

Site level controllers and sensor and Central management system CMS

Comprehensive Smart Lock & Alarm Solution

Security portal

AIO’s Security Management Portal provides visual view and analytics capabilities of remote site’s security status. The security solution includes one or more of the following: Camera, Access Control, surrounding passive and active devices, All to provide an end to end solution with full synergy to the management tool.

  • Portal unified all sites in the network under one security tool with specific analytics allow to recognize abnormal event on-site
  • Portal auto discover high risk regions / sites
  • Allows the team to handle specific security concerns of the sites, recognize the critical alert, and raise the alarm at the right time before it’s too late
  • Auto acknowledge, Auto Ticketing, Analytics to recognize abnormal events and raise alarm
  • Realtime camera image for a quick look on security detection

Video Analytics

Image Analysis
  • AIO’s Security Management solution includes object detection from multiple cameras.
  • The technology recognizes intruder as well as moving objects.
  • Smart analysis reduces false alarms and highlights security risks in real time, while constantly learning patterns of actual security events.
  • Analytics can be done based on server GPU or By advance cameras

Event Correlation

AIO’s Security Management solution utilizes preinstalled AIO RMS resources to collect event data and correlate it, in order to identify intrusions or damage. Event correlation reduces response time by identifying actual security events.

Security Reports

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