Micro Grid Management

Generation, Optimization and Real-Time Control of Energy Resources

AIO Micro grid solution provides A to Z solution for energy sources – energy status – energy supply – energy storage –recharge vehicles.

Operate Virtual Power Plants / Energy Storage from a central control Management application, Virtual Power Plant Operator & Power Trader.

An integrated optimal designable software and control hardware solution for generation and distribution of electrical energy as well as monitoring and controlling of microgrids.

Comprehensive solution and services support build and operate microgrids of any size.


Data processing * Price signals from the contract / markets and control signals from the system operator are processed in seconds and converted to operational commands
* Data transferred as per user setup with real time control
* Data can be transferred to SYSTEM MANAGER*, or ERP / Accounting systems
Optimized of Assets operation All used to execute schedules for contract / peak-load operation, Optimize flexible assets and implement demand response solutions
* Input and output data of the network assets status
* Market data
* Weather data
Individual control * Abilities to control site systems remotely
* Setup each asset
* Schedule execution respecting the needs and individual restrictions of the assets
* Schedule execution respecting the needs and individual restrictions of the assets
Monitoring System displays and records real-time information from all assets: Current capacity, storage levels, standby status
Data visualization The management system provides visual interfaces for the all network, for specific site, for specific asset, for specific component

https://www.aiosystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1-e1624276975152.png https://www.aiosystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1-e1624276975152.png

Main Features:

  • Centralized solution for group of electricity sources and loads.
  • The microgrid can work as "island" and function autonomously as physical or economic condition.
  • Can work in a grid mode, all sources connected to the grid, with the relevant commercial agreement behind it.
  • Managing multiple energy sources, storing energy and using by regular customers

Your Benefits

Value Maximize the value of your energy resources
Balance Maintain the balance between generation and consumption
Flexible Efficient, flexible, and viable distributed energy solution
Saving Saving and reducing unnecessary energy losses
Blackouts Reducing the frequency of blackouts
Cost Reduced cost of operations
Reliable Power supply is more reliable and stable.
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