Optimization Optimize operations by automated workflows and processes across your Network, and Operations & Maintenance teams.
Visibility and control Improve visibility and control across all site unified parameters and aspects.
Revenue growth Translate system efficiency for clear revenue growth.

AIO’s Approach

Unified, optimized, end-to-end cloud based solutions for connected sites.

The IoT platform connects all site elements to the Central Management System by collecting all data and providing management, security, visualization, reporting and analysis.

AIO’S 4 Layers Solutions
BI BI Services has advanced data presentations that include robust data analysis with pre-emptive action tools and customized auto-reporting systems to all levels
Central Management System AIO Systems’ CMS is a cloud-based central management platform that covers all aspects of remote and monitoring management.
IOT Agnostic Controller AIO’s IoT Connect controller is designed to enhance your network management strategy, reduce operational costs, and opimize the efficiency of your operations.
Sensors Security, Enviromment, Power, Fuel, Asset and FiberSense monitoring MIX & MATCH.

01 - Sensors

  • Security
  • Environment
  • Fuel
  • Power
  • Asset
    • Camera
    • Magnetic Electric Locker
    • Video Recorder
    • Biometric Access Control
    • Siren
    • Push / Panic Button
    • Motion Detection
    • Lights Management
    • Shuck Detection
    • VIBRATION Detection
    • Pepper Spray Deterrent System
    • BEAM Detection
    • RFID Reader
    • HD Magnetic Sensor
    • Remote Access Control Via CMS
    • Indoor / Outdoor Weatherproof Casing
    • Micro-switch Tamper Activation
    • Indoor IR Motion Detector
    • Water Flood detection
    • Lightning Protector
    • Temperature& Humidity detection
    • Passive Smoke detection
    • Cooling Systems Mng.
    • Free cooling system
    • Carbon XXX
    • Fuel level and quality
    • Fuel Cover Internal Fuel Tank
    • Fuel Tanker Trucks
    • Fuel volume change
    • Fuel drain Events
    • Potential fuel theft
    • Fuel Refilling
    • fuel consumption change
    • Refueling process
    • AC power Management
    • DC power Management
    • Battery state of charge
    • Generator Management
    • Hybrid management
    • Third-party equipment
    • Passive asset Management
    • RFID assets Management
    • Detailed display – site assets
    • QR Barcode – individual site elements
    • Site topology configuration
    • Segregated maintenance procedures
    • GPS Tracking

02 - Controller

5G Ready, IOT based, filtering out nuisance alarms, monitoring performance patterns, detecting anomalies, and predicting critical failures before they occur.

IOT Agnostic Controller improves your asset performance, streamlines your equipment maintenance by predicting events before they occur with AIO’s CMS improve problem reporting, generate automated notifications to site managers and automatically open work orders.

What's New?

  • Anti-Cyber - Linux Based
  • Abnormal & Health Check management
  • MQTT to the Cloud CMS
  • Multi wireless protocols support
  • Auto configuration and integration mode
  • Plug & Play - user friendly
  • Opening Audio communication channel

Main Benefits

  • Lower cost
  • Shortening response time
  • Bandwidth Cost Saving
  • Fast & Easy installation - auto-config auto-testing
  • Low power - battery life min 3 years
  • Attractive business models

03 - CMS

AIO’s cloud and local based IOT remote monitoring Central Management System (CMS) can increase equipment reliability, provide energy efficiencies that translate into clear OPEX savings, streamline maintenance operations and costs, improve inventory accuracy and most importantly, optimize facility and asset performance. CMS modules are tailor made for business operations across verticals The answer to challenges and effective management.

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04 - BI

AIO business intelligence provides a friendly
and easy drag & drop user defined

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Analytics & Predictions
  • Business performance management
  • Benchmarking & nominals tracking
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