About Us

AIO Systems is a solution provider of a new generation of remote management, monitoring and control systems for critical assets that otherwise would be inaccessible. Offering customized infrastructure management solutions, AIO’s products are designed for telecom infrastructure companies and utilities, network and project infrastructure integrators, technology outsourcing companies and global hardware distributors. AIO’s all-in-one solution, offers today's only integrative appliance that can connect to virtually any system, device, or sensor.  

Capable of monitoring all infrastructure aspects – from an air-conditioner unit or humidity sensor, to state-of-the-art telecom installations – AIO Systems manages precisely what you need, while providing timely alerts via a variety of communication channels. With powerful protocol implementation, AIO Systems ensures organizational business continuity and provides much more monitoring power – at a far lower cost.

With rapid deployment and implementation capabilities, our unique technology is able to study its surroundings quickly and autonomously and begin monitoring mission-critical parameters within hours, or even minutes!

AIO Systems’ advanced technology and unique solutions provide unmatched benefits and functionality. Customers are able to:
  • Significantly lower maintenance and operations costs
  • Manage and control energy utilization
  • Improve security
  • Unify multiple separate systems on one platform
  • Integrate supplier and end customer SLA’s into one system allowing comprehensive and holistic view and management
  • Integrate with any 3rd party device
  • Prevent and predict failures before they occur
  • Perform real-time analysis of resources and costs across remote locations
  • Obtain intelligent processing of alerts using workflows
  • Optimize and automate preventive maintenance
  • Monitor redundancies and out of band access to ensure high availability
  • Deploy scalable solutions with an open, flexible platform for customization
  • Utilize the graphical and user-friendly system for monitoring, control and management of network infrastructure devices, power and environmental units
  • Drag and drop protocol implementation (Serial and SNMP)
  • Automatic learning of device and sensor behavior
  • Network redundancy – Auto-detect In-band or Out-of-band communication
  • Dramatically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • AIO operates in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, selling to major carriers, OEM’s, partners and distributors.

AIO has a proven track record of successful implementations of tailored solutions for leading customers around the globe.
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